The More Joy blog is the newest joy-filled project of Velvet Rollin, More Joy Author and Retreat Facilitator.

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Velvet Rollin facilitates More Joy Retreats several times a year in a variety of locations in Ontario, Canada. Five day retreats can be booked over the Christmas holidays and during the summer; weekends can be booked throughout the year. For more information, to book your personal retreat experience, or to register a full group please email 

Velvet is also writing More Joy: Treasure Hunting, the book this blog supports.

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The first retreat group Kathy Tymczuk and I organised in 2006.

The first retreat group Kathy Tymczuk and I organised in 2006.


A Brief History

 Kathy Tymczuk (far left in the photo above) and I used to go on retreats together, ones we planned ourselves for the most part. Whenever we came back from these retreats our friends expressed the wish that they could go on a retreat as well, but money and/or time were their limiting factors. In 2006 Kathy and I organised our first retreat in answer to those challenges. We booked a bed and breakfast less than an hour from where most people lived and everyone shared a room. Kathy led different discussions with the group on Friday and Saturday, and on Saturday afternoon we all went for a hike. Meals were prepared communally with the exception of dinner on Saturday night, which was prepared by the chef who owned the Bed and Breakfast. On Sunday morning we all left for Church together. It was a joy-filled weekend for everyone.

Ten years later we still struggle with balance in our lives, but we are simplifying as we go and have learned to take care of ourselves so we can be there for others. More Joy is not a quick fix, it is a journey...but it is a joy-filled journey every step of the way!